Fishing Charters

Go fishing aboard The Sheriff!

Your choice of charter is simply up to you….the weather, tide, season and a thousand other factors, but really, it’s up to you.  We have fishing charters of all types and lengths to suit all levels of angling ability from the very beginner to the most experienced. There is no need to bring anything, we provide all bait, fishing rods and reels. A fishing license is not needed while on our charter. To avoid ruining a fishing trip with motion sickness . We recommend customers take a seasickness tablet such as Kwell. Kwell is very effective if taken the night before and again one hour before setting off.

Reef Fishing

The crystal blue waters around Montague Island and the surround reefs make for fun bottom bashing for anglers of all ages and abilities.  This area is renowned for the varieties of fish that live in and around our beautiful reefs including Morwong, Snapper, Trumpeters, Perch, Pigfish and many more wonderful table fish.  If you are lucky, you can even catch some of the beautiful sub-tropical species that visit our waters, such as the beautiful long-finned perch.

Everyone loves a feed of Flathead, and be honest, they are great fun to catch and in Narooma, you don’t have to go far to get them!  Come out with George and Dan and catch dinner on and around the reefs just offshore Narooma and surrounding areas.  We can pick up a great feed and we will clean them up ready for you to cook and eat when you get home.  No muss, no fuss.

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